Copy Client Kit is an e-learning and coaching company dedicated to helping freelance writers attract high profit, low-stress clients.

Our core methodology revolves around two pillars: Professionalism and Service.

Most freelancers exist as nothing more than a name and a face on UpWork. By creating a true business presence, including everything from professional proposals to registered corporations, we show clients we expect to be treated – and paid – like a professional service provider.

Second, we do not churn through projects jumping from one client to the next. Not only does such behavior make it near impossible to achieve financial stability, it’s also unnecessary.

By providing the type of service most clients would expect from a full-blown agency, we separate ourselves from the pack while demonstrating our commitment to our client’s success.

And because of that, our clients reward us with what I call the 3 Rs: Referrals, Retainers, and Repeat Business.

While most freelancers live on the Feast and Famine hamster wheel, my clients do project after project with the same clients while getting a steady stream of referrals.

The result?

A stable, high profit freelance business that can be run from anywhere.