Just saw a Netflix series about a sport from Kyrgyzstan where two teams of men ride around on horseback fighting over a dead, decapitated goat.

It was basically a mix of polo and basketball. Except instead of shooting a round ball into a hole 10 feet in the air, they have to steal this goat’s corpse from their opponents and throw it into a fire pit.

Now, while this might sound fairly disturbing to those of us in the West…

They took the dead goat game very seriously!

I mean, my God. You’d think they just lost the Super Bowl with the chest heaving and tears that were being shed. Which got me thinking about how important it is to take pride in your work.

As an example, a few days ago, my wife’s best friend told her:

“I’ll never market my business using digital marketing, it’s unethical.”

Now, I’ve heard such verbal vomit before, and know it’s typical from a 9-5’er who’s never had to sell a damn thing in their lives.

But the fact is, many aspiring copywriters believe the same exact thing about online marketing. They think that, because it’s their job to “sell,” their work is unethical or somehow wrong.

And if you know anything about the flow of energy, vibrations, and manifestation, you know it’s extremely difficult to succeed at something when you think it’s “bad” or immoral. But here’s the thing:

Ethical vs Unethical Selling

There’s a difference between abusing animals, and engaging in a sport with centuries of history, legacy, and tradition. And there’s also a difference between writing copy for clients whose products and services make the world a better place…

…and the companies that are ripping people off with spammy BS.

So if you’re one of the writers who struggles with the issue of copywriting being somehow “wrong,” I encourage you to take a look at the types of clients you’re working for. Because as long as their offers deliver on the promises being made in their marketing…

You should be holding your head high, like a Kyrgyzstan teen who just slam dunked a dead goat’s corpse.