In 2017, I heard a podcast interview that would change my copywriting career forever.

The interview was between Kevin Rogers and Parris Lampropoulis, who is widely considered one of the greatest living copywriters (keyword living). During the interview, Parris mentioned how there are only three things copy clients care about when they hire a copywriter:

  1. They’re easy to work with
  2. They deliver their projects on time
  3. They write good copy

What was interesting, however, was what Parris said after that.

“What copywriters don’t understand is that you only need to nail two of the three. Meaning, if you’re easy to work with and deliver on time, you got yourself a career.”

~ Parris Lampropoulos

Ya see, the problem with copywriters is that many of them get big heads. After helping their clients drive millions and millions of dollars in sales, they start to think their God’s gift to business owners.

As a result, they act like prima donnas. They bring ego to the table. They deliver their projects way past the deadline. In short, they’re a pain in the ass to work with. And make no mistake about it:

Clients know this!

Because of that, many of them are weary of guru-level hot-shot copywriters. Yes, there’s no denying many of them can write campaigns capable of producing millions. But at what cost?

While beginners think profit is all that matters in a business, the true veterans know that’s not true. In particular, they know quality of life is a MAJOR consideration when hiring someone. And if hiring someone has a high risk of turning their quality of life upside-down, many business owners will take their business elsewhere.

On top of that, very few campaigns are successful right out of the gate. Even the best of the best copywriters fail with upwards of 50% or more of their campaigns. Which means:

Hiring copywriters is a huge risk!

Because of that, many clients will work with a more junior level copywriter to get proof of concept before hiring a hot-shot. It just makes more sense financially.

The implications of this for us writers, however, are huge. Ya see, money is easy to grasp. We can count it, spend it, use it to snort coke (JK). The list goes on and on. But money is only one resource.

And if you know anything about high net-worth individuals, you know their attitude towards money is that it can be replaced at anytime. On the flip side:

Time and energy cannot be replaced!

Time spent working with someone who doesn’t hit their deadlines can’t be recouped. Showing up at home and yelling at your kids because you’re pissed off at your copywriter can’t be ‘forgotten’ or taken back.

Which is precisely why many of today’s highest performing business owners protect their time and energy MORE than their money. Meaning, for them, hiring a writer who is easy to work with – and delivers on time – is a higher priority than hiring the writer whose going to get them the biggest ROI.

Proof of Concept First, Big Money Copy Second

Then after they’ve seen proof of concept, they’ll hire a hot-shot to write some truly ‘ninja’ copy.

I’ve seen it in my own life and that of my students time and time again. In fact, when my income jumped from $950 per month to $7,100 per month in just 60 days…it wasn’t because I became a 700% better copywriter overnight. No, it was because I started behaving like a professional.

We’re B2B service providers. Never forget that.

See, with all these gurus dominating the copywriting industry, it’s easy to forget we’re B2B service providers. Just like an accountant or attorney, business owners hire us to get a result. Meaning, when a company hires a freelance writer, they still expect that person to behave like a professional. And a large part of behaving like a professional meant being easy to work with and delivering on time…always.

Professionalism > Ninja Writing Skillz

So, if you’re beating yourself up because you don’t think you’re a good enough copywriter yet…STOP.

Neither me nor my students were particularly ‘ninja’ writers when we past the $10,000 per month mark. Instead, we put out focus on being easy to work with and delivering on time. Then, because our clients appreciated that, they started offering us repeat projects, retainers, and even sent us referrals (the 3 Rs).

Fortunately, being easy to work with and delivering on time is something anyone reading this can instantly do – for free – starting now.